The Legacy of Ys Books 1 & 2


Best suited for your final fantasy loving, rpg addict gamer from the age of 13+ that doesn’t mind old school style gaming.
Screenshot YS

Adapted from the early game of the same name for the NES, the Legacy of Ys is a simple game that takes a break from the rampant updating and bells and whistles that many of the newer RPG genre games have taken.

As the main character, Adol, you have to go through the world looking for the Books of Ys to defeat a plague that has taken over. A simple story from the era of the first Final Fantasies and the game shows it. The gameplay is only a fraction of modern RPGs, and the mechanics are a bit plug-guess-and-play. The customization that modern games have is sorely lacking in this classic update.

The biggest upshot is that both games come in the same compact package. Not a difficult task considering the current technology and the simple programming of the two games, but still a good addition to any RPG aficionado’s collection. If for no other reason but to take a break between more intensive games that last longer.

The Legacy of Ys is a great piece of history and just fun to play. Dead set serious gamers with no sense of whimsy or perspective on where their favorite games came from might just want to steer clear though.

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