Cooking Mama II Cooking with Friends


Perfect Gift: Young Girl or Kitchen challenged 20 years.

The sequel to the original cooking game, Cooking Mama, Cooking with Friends gives you the original feel of guided cooking and a chance to please virtual people with your potentially edible slop. This makes it perfect for anyone with a culinary bent and more than a dash of whimsy.

Mama is the person who takes you through the game, setting up recipes and guiding your through the tutorials. Though, if you make a mistake while you’re “Cooking with Mama” she will fire up her eyes at the end of that segment with a disapproving “Mama will fix.” After a while, it’s rather terrifying and Godzilla tussling with Mothra would be more comforting.
As an English translated, Japanese game, the food you get to prepare is a little surprising. There’s a little something from everywhere, though it does focus a little more on your traditional Japanese fare.

The interactivity of the game itself is great for kids and people too stoned to care. From the touch screen to the mic use (you blow into it during a few of the recipes to indicate fanning or other uses of air).

Once you’ve mastered Cooking with Mama, you can take any of the myriad of unlocked dishes and go Cook for Friends. There’s no guiding, and Mama will not fix. Though, unless you are really coordinated, or payed insanely close attention, this aspect of the game is better off avoided. Even if you can cook for real, there’s little disappointing as a fake person looking at your disaster and calling it inedible.

Cooking Mama has garnered such popularity, she’s also taken up gardening. So, if you’ve mastered Cooking Mama 1 & 2, also check out Gardening Mama. See if she has any fresh veggies for her recipes.

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