The Best Thing You’re Not Protecting Your Children From


I gotta say when I was a kid toys were fucking awesome. You could actually build millions of things with your lego sets, not just 5.

Missiles shot out of our robots and there was a good chance a kid could lose an eye, or choke to death on some small part, or find out hey maybe I’m a serial Killer.

Nowadays, everything is full of dayglo to prevent cops from shooting you, or to nix would be thugs from knocking over liquor stores. I’m really not sure.

But hey our generation is not without faults, sure sometimes the best of intentions go horribly awry.


But then again, you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes.

WTF Is Up With Wolverine's Blow Hole?

I guess the DC Marvel rivalry has no bounds.

but then who made this, Image? MadCow!?

You can try and put a happy face on the inevitable

Or you can accept the truth. The world is full of degenerate bastards hell bent on turning your child in to a pervert.

So protect your children, hide them from this world of idiot toy makers and crazy atrocities!

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