Holy Not Great, Lego Batman


One of the more recent in the Lego video game franchises, the game holds little surprise to veterans of the other games like Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Harry Potter. The game play is simple, requiring you to cycle through various characters as you work your way through a series of scenes of lego violence and puzzles.

Unlike others in the Lego franchise, the Batman game doesn’t adhere to any of the movies or any truly cohesive storyline. Each of the three acts are independent of each other, and you can play as either the Dynamic Duo or their Rogue’s Gallery.

Once you get through the story mode, you can go through the free play to unlock the various hidden characters and other tasty bits that they keep hidden behind silhouette for exorbitant Lego nub fees.
Crotch kick!

The great part of the game is ultimately in being the Dark Knight and busting up the bad guys. All in all, it’s a great game in the Lego franchise that continues to capitalize on big money names. While this game in it self is not a bad game, if you don’t love Batman, pass this up.

Coming soon! Lego Rockband. Seriously, It’s out later this week.

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