Elite Beat Agents


Ever wish you could carry a copy of DDR around with you, fit it into your pocket, and use a touch screen instead? No. Oh, well, this is the game you’re looking for if you ever get that inclination.

The premise is that you are in control of the Elite Beat Agents who go around righting wrongs and solving problems through the magic of dancing to songs, some appropriate and others just highly misplaced. (“Let’s Dance” playing as an oil tycoon tries to reclaim his fortune.) In addition several of the scenarios are incredibly outlandish and equally absurd.
Doesn't that guy look a little like Kevin Smith?
The song ratings are equal to the number of stars given and the more stars there are the more difficult the song is supposed to be. There is also a difficulty stetting, which lets you pick which main agent you are supposed to be. There are only two different settings to start with.

To make it through each song, you have to hit numbered circles that are grouped by color to help keep them separate. Keeping track of your ability to hit them to the beat, is the Elite-beat-o-meter.
Yes! Men fly..
Keeping the meter full is how you keep everyone’s spirits up and help solve the problem through the power of the montage. As you miss beats, the meter starts to drop and the Beat Agents start to show their fatigue. If you keep missing the beat, you fail and let everyone down.

Much like Dance Dance Revolution and other games like it, you get graded on your performance in combination with the amount of combos you can string together.

As Commander Kahn says, “Agents are go!”

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