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Dear Abby eat your heart out. It’s a Stranger Than Fiction Double Header! Yes, the people we know and love a rife with problems. That only I could help them with. (Where was Batman or even Mr. Clean you ask? Busy!)
Never fear Batling is nearby and has a wet/dry vac!
My sweet vac

“Dear Lola,
I read your vampire series (of articles) with great interest as I am dating a vampire. I seem to be dating one of those no sex before marriage blokes. What can I do? I mean I like him, just not that much.

Well Miss Smarty Pants,

Have you told your sweetie it’s 2009? That might help. As far as I can tell you, he might still think premarital sex is a punishable offense. Perhaps he is just trying to stay “under the radar” I mean think about from his angle. It’s bad enough he amasses a body count every time he feels peckish. But, adding that to his list in the old days would’ve got him caught for sure.
Does your shoe collection look like this? you might be a stripper.

“Dear Lola,
I know you haven’t talked about this but, how can I tell my family I’m a stripper?

10 to 1 they already know. Have you considered your choices in footwear? I’m just kidding. But seriously have you considered getting a cake? Questionable news is always made better by cake. True story it’s how I told my family I did phone sex. Get a cake shaped like something..they’ll love it.

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