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Jam Sessions isn’t a game as much as it is an application for the DS. Reviewer Andrew Pfister had this to say about the game: “There’s no ‘game’ to speak of. Rather, Jam Sessions is part of the same software family as Electroplankton and Traxxpad — nifty little musical tools that, while short on bells and whistles, offer a fun diversion or a little flexibility to a home recording setup.”

That’s just fine, and is exactly why I bought it. Then again, that might just be me. The true appeal of the program is that Jam Sessions is promoted as a quick and easy way to “learn” how to play the guitar anywhere without having to lug around an actual instrument.

Not only does Jam Sessions let you get that cool slacker vibe as you learn to play with easy to understand lessons that actually do translate over into real instrument play. The program also has settings for left and right handedness, but seems to be easier in right handed mode. Like the suite of other how to games for the DS, you can pick up a skill in your spare time between games.

Once you’ve graduated from the lessons (or just can’t wait to play around with all the nifty bits and pieces the game has to offer) you can use the “Free Play” mode to tweak, compose, and fiddle with your own creations.

Feeling like a rock star yet?

Well, do you?

If not, try this on for size.

Once you’ve gotten the grasp of the rest of the program (or, again, earlier on for you impatient types) you can use Jam Sessions as a virtual recording studio. You can write, play, and save your very own original music at any time. Unfortunately, the recording time is only 30 seconds, but it serves as a great way to take musical notes to jog your memory later or turn into loops.

Does all of that seem complicated? It shouldn’t. The easy to use tutorials and clean interface make the game easy and user friendly for any novice, even me! From the novice to the expert, Jam Sessions incorporates a great number of extras all packed in a tiny, touch screen experience that you just have to see to believe.

While it wasn’t exactly what I expected, having read the other review long after picking up the game, I was pleasantly surprised and recommend it to anyone who either loves music or just has a desire to pick up an instrument. Jam Sessions is a solid program that makes the leap from “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” to learning how to actually play and make your own music.

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  1. I read many of your blog posts. Good Job and very informative.

    Keep it up!


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