Astro Boy The Omega Factor


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With Astro Boy out in the theaters, I am brushing off an oldie-but-goodie game for the Gameboy Advance. Despite that there is a game for the movie, this was sitting on my shelves and it is still awesome. Tell me it’s not, I’ll fight you!

After all you can play Advance games on your DS. I’m betting you knew this already. I couldn’t help myself I am a HUGE Astro Boy fan. So much so I’ll be getting the movie tie in game ASAP, of course I’ll let you know how that plays!!
Adv-Astro Boy

Based more on the 80s cartoon update of the Tezuka classic than anything else Astro Boy Related, the Advance game takes you through a robot smash-fest with a boy robot that feels like equal parts MegaMan and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gameplay screen
The story starts with young Astro coming online and the obligatory tutorial giving you the rundown on how the game is played and just what Astro is capable of. The biggest thing his is ability to adapt and learn, which is reflected by his interactions with several NPCs throughout the game that allow you to bolster Astro’s abilities.

The gameplay itself is simple enough and the customizing of Astro makes the side-scroller just that more interesting. Though, nobody ever really explains why Astro has guns coming out of his butt. What’s your guess?

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