The Straw Poll – Coke vs Pepsi


I’ve waffled on this particular topic for years. Back in the day I was all about Coca Cola, just a staunch supporter in almost every way. It was kind of like rooting for a team. I liked Coke, all my friends like Coke, and Coke is the #1 seller giving it the whole “back a winner” mentality.

Of course childhood convictions never stay too forever. Around high school I stopped drinking soda all together. I foolishy was a runner then and pop does not mix the best with one’s stomach. When college rolled around two things happened:

1) I began an unhealthy relationship with Mountain Dew

2) I began to drink Pepsi. At first merely because it was less bubbly (apparently I was a delicate flower), but later I became convince that it was in fact the taste I preferred.

Nowadays it’s really whichever is served to me, and I’m sure many are in the same boat, but given the choice which is better: Coke or Pepsi?

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