Sprung: The Game Where Everyone Scores


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Creator: Ubisoft
ESRB Rating: Teen

I have a confession, I’ve never really been a video game girl. Until I got my Nintendo DS, well, not really. My pregnancy made me a die hard gamer. What else was I going to do?  It’s strange, I’m obsessed.

Sprung is the first game I’ve played all the way through. This, however, does not mean it’s the greatest game ever. It just means I had a slightly longer attention span that day. Sprung amounts to the mass market romance novel of the video game world.

Sprung is text based roleplaying game, where you can play as Becky or Brett. Think of it as Choose Your Own Adventure for adults. I’ve always been curious about these type of games since seeing them on JList and the Super Milk Chan show.
While the game itself is not hard you can spend quite a chunk of time playing. Because, like with those pesky books, a wrong choice could send you off on a terribly convoluted path. It’s also true this game is not for everyone. After all what game is?

Your objective in playing Sprung is to land yourself a man (or woman) while on a ski trip. You face a lot of obstacles in doing so. Including getting a job, keeping said job (Seriously who gets a job on vacation?), and a pesky Southern Asian woman (Yeah, I know, just laugh about it) who won’t shut up.
If you’re looking for rocket science and shoot-em ups, do pass this game up. However if you are looking for some mindless afternoon fun or love cheesy art  it’s time to get Sprung!

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