There’s a Gnome Warlock in my Living Room – The Guild Ep. 1


Ari Full

As a female with little interest in internet web series, I was immediately gripped with THE GUILD from the beginning. Once the soliloquy began and dragged me in by the tip of its magic wand, it was hard to ignore it.

It starts with a pretty young lady sitting and speaking. The amazing part is, she sounded human, almost normal! *Note almost. But she has some kind of quirk that made me want to listen and learn more. She also had me wondering if it is indeed legal for a therapist to fire their client.

The humourous peek provided by THE GUILD into the lives of 10 people of all lifestyles with an addiction to a game that is essentially draining them of all life they possess is incredible and hard to look away from, very much like a train wreck. THE GUILD will very possibly stand the test of judging eyes and ears. It is a short and entertaining change in pace from what one usually finds lurking in the dark corners of, which is where I watched the webisode.

The first episode ran a minimalist-friendly 4 minutes, so if you too want to check it out, it can be found at

Enjoy, Elves and Ogres!

Signing off with a Smile,


4 Responses to “There’s a Gnome Warlock in my Living Room – The Guild Ep. 1”

  1. 1 smilinari22

    Everyone needs more Loin Cloths – Chaotic Good Online Ep. 1

    Hello again young Gaming Webisode Viewers! Today I watched Episode 1 of Chaotic Good Online. After my last experience with game-obsessee watching, I was very optimistic for this next one. I had high hopes for the 4 characters who were just trying to liven things up a bit in the world of cloaks, dragons, and sometimes dungeons, so I hear.
    Sadly, I was deeply disappointed this time around. Maybe it was due to my lack of knowledge in the area of gaming, but Chaotic Good Online, compared to The Guild was uneventful, less humorous, and just plain confusing. As I said, it may just be because I don’t know what goblin looting had to do with shield proficiency, nor do I have an understanding for any other gaming terms and situations, but in the 2 minutes and 50 seconds of this, I wanted whiney Rasta-Sassafrass-Ass (or something along those lines) to shut up and the awkward leading lady to get a new hobby.
    I am not even sure what was going on, but based on the video summary, I assume the 4 players were bored in their game and looking for new foes to mingle with. I admit, I really did feel for the characters though. I could sympathize for their boredom being that I was just as bored watching them.
    Maybe this is because it was just a slow beginning for a first episode though! I really do have my fingers crossed for episode 2. But for now, I must give this little adventure two thumbs down.
    In case you want to see and judge for yourself or look at the cute character ‘Grant’, you can find Chaotic Good Online at:

    Till next time, Goblins!
    Signing of with a Smile,

  2. 2 SmilinAri22

    Chicks Got Blue Hair- Fury of Solace Ep. 1

    Episode One of Fury of Solace has been my favourite webshow so far. Not due to the thrilling plot, creative events, or interesting cast, but purely due to the spin it threw me for. At first it started rather average and slow, but discovering the rest of the episode was a musical had me so confused! I love being confused!
    Now, I am not sure if it was intentionally humorous. After all, the lyrics and characters seemed rather mundane, but I was laughing maniacally in my indoor voice. I won’t say I had any clue what was going on or that I didn’t skip through the entire show looking for a non-musical point AND I won’t say it made sense to me, but maybe making sense is overrated?
    I do hope the next episode lacks the singing but they do have me intrigued and I do want to see where this show is going, so I guess they are doing something right! Or maybe I am just crazy and overly optimistic… whatever the case, I think you should keep an open mind and maybe check out this bit and see if the blue haired lady and the balding dude catch your interest! Besides, it has it’s entire own website it can’t be too bad, right?

    Find this one at

    Later UberMen and Women
    Signing off with a Smile,

    • Hey Ari,

      I just saw you were doing these as replies to your previous post.
      Can you please login to your wordpress account at and enter them as ‘posts’

      • 4 SmilinAri22

        Oh, my bad.. I am not so smooth with the technology 😛
        But yea, can do! Thanks for letting me know!

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